Missions of the Reliant: More progress

As usual, this will be a quick update. I just don’t have the oomph for the long blog posts at this time of night for some reason :-).

  1. Implemented the About box, keeping Mike’s old credits box exactly as originally written (It says what you were “as of April ’96”, Mike!) and adding some of my own. I have plenty of people to thank too!
  2. Switched from NSSound to OpenAL. NSSound has some serious efficiency and semantic issues that make it questionable at best to use in a game, whereas OpenAL is amazingly simple with a little help from AudioToolbox to import the WAVs.
  3. Made the dialogs that come up on the main menu (new game, about, etc.) look a bit better by rewriting them as application-modal child windows instead of composited views. This little change, very simple in code, solved a lot of cosmetic issues.

Unfortunately that’s about it for user-visible stuff at the moment, almost all the code in the last week has been infrastructure-related. For the curious, my next goal is to make working enemy ships and satellites. That means everything from self-motile sprites to the AI behind them. Mike, once again I’m forced against my will to admire your genius ;-).

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