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Missions of the Reliant: Status update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, and I thank anyone who had the patience to wait around to read this post! To all of you, I apologize for the long hiatus.

While I’m still working on Missions of the Reliant actively, it is not at this time my highest priority. As always, the needs of reality interfere; as Missions is not a project I expect to be making money from, I can not unfortunately prioritize it above projects I do expect to be paid for, as much as I might like to. For this reason, I’m afraid I must, with apologies, beg the patience of all of you as work continues on the game at a slower pace.

All that being said, there has been some progress. The command console, that little window where you interact with crew and the computer, is now completely working and looks correct at last! All but two of the helm commands are implmented, and those two are missing only because I haven’t built the functionality for crew reports and subspace messages in yet. My plan is to implement the commands for the weapons officer, engineer, and doctor next, in that order. The latter two automatically bring the functionality of system repairs and treatment of downed crew members, filling in two more gaps in the functioning of the Reliant as a whole.

From there, it’s just a matter of the battleship and cruiser AIs and a bit of game logic to manage their spawning, and the first mission is essentially done.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your patience and support!