Missions of the Reliant: Thanks for the support!

I don’t have any real progress to report, with one exception: The “Report” command for all crew members, the one which tells you that systems are damaged and that crew members are hurt and that messages are incoming and all that sort of thing, is now complete and working. It’s not tested past the most basic stuff yet, though, so give me time :-).

The real thought behind this post is to thank you all for the unremitting support you’ve all shown these past months as I’ve worked on the game. Every few posts I get a whole list of comments from everyone who says they’ll wait for me to finish it, telling me how much they look forward to the results of the work I’ve put in. I just wanted to say, I truly appreciate it, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten even this far without that to encourage me. Thanks, everyone :-).

And, as always, a special thanks to Michael Rubin; without the enthusiasm he showed when I first approached him with this idea, it couldn’t have happened.

As a gesture of my appreciation, here’s a short QuickTime clip of the Reliant entering warp drive. I’ve been promising you a real look at this thing for a long time. Enjoy! And please blame CoreText and QuickTime for the text layout and sound synch problems! ;-)

QuickTime Player plugin required. Tested on Firefox 3.6 and Safari 5.0. No guarantees about other browsers.

As always, stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Missions of the Reliant: Thanks for the support!

  1. Chad

    Nice video you have there. I’ve got to say that I was intrigued, and more than a little excited, to learn that someone taken up the task of porting Missions over to OS X. I’ve been following your blog since about April when I learned about the OS X port on Michael’s website, The Monk’s Brew. The last time I played the game was nearly 10 years but, unfortunately, I lost it when we had to get rid of the computer I had it on and I had no way to transfer it to other media.

    I’ve been a fan of Mike’s for a long time (Can I call you Mike? Or do you prefer Michael? Or Mr. Rubin? Or your highness, The Sovereign Lord Emperor of the Interplanetary Alliance? ;-)). He created what is arguably the best shareware game ever made for the mac (IMHO). This game gave me many hours of enjoyment back in my younger days and, embarrassingly enough, I think I even still have the original post card Michael sent to me with the registration code on it! This gem is too valuable to be lost or forgotten in the realm of ancient computer games. You are doing a great service to the Macintosh community (gaming or otherwise), and my hat is off to you!

    Keep up the great work, Gwynne. And know that, no matter how long it takes to finish this, you have my support all the way!

  2. Rubes

    Hey, that made me pretty nostalgic, too.

    Very kind words! Of course, everyone can refer to me as ‘Mike’. I still have piles of actual, physical letters I received from people who played the game and either wanted a code or just wanted to say ‘thanks’. It was a great experience, and many thanks to Gwynne for bringing it back to life.


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