Monthly Archives: December 2011

Guest post on Michael Ash’s blog

I am honored to announce that I’ve done a guest spot regarding assembly language on the blog of well-known Mac developer Michael Ash. You can find my post at his blog. I highly recommend every one of his posts for OS X and iOS developers of all kinds. Thanks for the opportunity, Mike!

Markdown is cool

I have discovered that the minimalist markup language known as Markdown is absolutely awesome. Why? Because it’s utterly simple, utterly expressive, easier to type than HTML, and works spectacularly in TextMate.

That is all.

For those of you who are still hoping for Missions of the Reliant news, I want you all to know I have not forgotten or abandoned the project. I will come back to it, hopefully someday soon. I thank all of you who remain from the bottom of my heart for your incredible patience, and hope you’ll bear with me just a little longer!