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Missions of the Reliant: Broadcasting distress call.

At the suggestion of Jude, seconded by none other than the man himself, I’ve created a mailing list for announcements and discussions about Missions of the Reliant.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to mailing lists, and I had to settle for a Google Group for simplicity’s sake: http://groups.google.com/group/missions-of-the-reliant. It’s members-only, but anyone can subscribe. Please feel free to sign up and comment; it’s open for discussion as well as news :-).

Missions of the Reliant: Their coil emissions are normal.

More status!

  1. The radar is implemented and functioning.
  2. A whole list of off-by-one pixel errors are fixed.
  3. A subtle retain cycle KVO crash is fixed.
  4. Most of the target scanner bugs are fixed.

I say “most” in that last because I’m not sure if the final bug can be fixed. The cocoa-dev mailing list seems dubious (click the link for a description of the problem). If there isn’t a method, I’ll lose a bit of look-and-feel in the target scanner, hardly showstopping but definitely annoying.

Screenshots of the working radar coming soon!